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Frequently Asked Questions

bullet Will there be iron in my water?
We cannot guarantee the mineral content of the water. All we can do is pump the water out of the ground. From that point the water can be treated to remove unwanted minerals.
bullet What guarantee do you give?
All labor and materials are unconditionally guaranteed for one year. Some of the equipment that we install carries a longer guarantee from the manufacturer.
bullet Will I have enough water and pressure from the new well to water my lawn?
In most cases, depending on pump size, we can supply enough water to satisfy your needs. On very rare occasions we may run into an area where we cannot get a large volume of water from the well. We have never encountered a situation where we could not get enough water for domestic use.
bullet Why do you recommend a large pressure tank?
The larger the tank, the less frequently the pump will have to turn on and off. This eliminates excessive wear and tear on the pump and tank. Most pump manufacturers recommend a minimum run time of one minute for any pump up to 1 1/2 HP In the case of a pressure tank, bigger is better.

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